BIG NEWS! We are transitioning from being the Migrant Worker’s Dignity Association (MWDA) to Fuerza Migrante. In the coming weeks we will launch our new website, so stay tuned!

¡IMPORTANTE! Estamos transicionando de ser la MWDA a Fuerza Migrante. En la siguientes semanas, más o menos, lanzaremos nuestra nueva página web. ¡Estén pendientes!


Since most migrant workers face unjust working and living conditions as a result of geographic isolation, racialization, truncated access to social services in languages other than theirs, and an exclusive link to a singular employer, our work often includes projects that address these needs. The MWDA assists migrant workers, free of charge, to solve any issues they may have – whether with employers, government institutions, or in everyday life – always seeking collective solutions that promote organization through an intersectional lens. This is why the first step of participating with the MWDA is for migrant workers to organize an initial workshop with their coworkers and friends, and help spread the word about the MWDA if they know of someone in need.

We are committed to placing the workers and their needs at the centre of our projects and advocacy work, facilitating collective decision-making for how our organization can best support them while they are living in Canada and abroad. This work is necessarily intersectional as patriarchal oppression, processes of capitalist dispossession in their native countries, and racialization condition their lived experiences. The MWDA therefore intends to contribute to a liberatory movement in which workers’ autonomy go together with the self-determination of women, indigenous, people of colour and LGBTQ communities.The majority of our projects are geared towards migrant farm workers and implemented in BC, but we also provide services, information, and support to migrant workers and folks with precarious status across Canada and in Mexico and Guatemala as needed.


Como la mayoría de lxs trabajadorxs migrantes enfrentan condiciones de vida y trabajo injustas debido al aislamiento geográfico, discriminación racial, escaso acceso y disponibilidad de servicios sociales en su lenguaje, y un contrato amarrado a un empleador exclusivo, nuestro trabajo incluye proyectos que buscan resolver estos problemas. La MWDA apoya a trabajadorxs migrantes, sin costo alguno, a resolver cualquier problema que puedan tener – ya sea con sus empleadores, instituciones gubernamentales, en su vida cotidiana – siempre buscando soluciones colectivas que promuevan estar organizados, a través de una perspectiva interseccional. Por eso el primer paso para participar en la MWDA es que lxs trabajadorxs migrantes organicen una charla inicial con sus compañerxs y amigxs, y pedirles que pasen la voz acerca de la organización si saben de alguien que necesita ayuda.

Estamos comprometidxs a poner en el centro a lxs trabajadorxs y sus necesidades, y facilitar procesos de toma de decisiones colectivas acerca de cómo la organización puede apoyarles dentro y fuera Canadá. Este trabajo es necesariamente interseccional, pues la opresión patriarcal, los procesos de despojo capitalista en sus países de orígen, y la discriminación racial condicionan sus experiencias vivenciales. Por lo tanto, la MWDA tiene la intención de contribuir a un movimiento por la liberación en el que la autonomía de lxs trabajadorxs es conjunta a la autodeterminación de las mujeres, indígenas, personas de color, y comunidades LGBTQ. La mayoría de nuestros proyectos están dirigidos a trabajadorxs agrícolas migrantes y son implementados en BC, pero también proveemos servicios, información y apoyo a trabajadorxs migrantes y personas con estatus precario en Canadá, México y Guatemala.


Offer your skills to the workers
If you have skills that are useful for workers, or if you can volunteer some of your time to help solve cases (health, income taxes, etc.), we’d love to hear from you!

Organize activities in your community
You can help organize an event with us at your school, church, union, etc., where folks can learn, in a fun and engaging activity, more about the situation of Temporary Foreign Workers, and what they can do to help.

Participate in our events
We host a Father’s Day celebration in June, and partner with other organizations to commemorate International Migrants Day in December. Throughout the year, we host several workshops with workers, and we can always use your help.

Research and write grants
While we can achieve many things as a volunteer-run organization, we have projects that require some extra resources that grants could help make a reality. If you are knowledgeable in this area, we definitely can use your help.


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