Beyond Our Plates Report

Beyond our Plates: A brief report of the lives of migrant agricultural workers in BC

We prepared this report based on interactions with over 1,300 workers, during the 2014-2015 season. We compiled these stories during our visits to the workers’ job sites, homes, places where they meet, over the telephone and during workshops.

The stories within are from most of British Columbia, including the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan.

Workers insisted that we name the farms where abuses happened. The quotations highlighted throughout the report are from individual workers; we feel they best express their feelings, and are representative of the majority of workers’ opinions.

We asked the workers what they wanted us to tell you so as to best relate the conditions they endure. Every one of them advised us: tell them about our job stories, tell them about all the things that our hearts are suffering.

We hope that by reading about the workers’ lives, you are inspired to take action, and help build a more just food system.

Download the full report here.