A Peek Into Last Week at the MWDA- 07/02-07/09


This past Sunday, July 2nd– We held a workshop for local Temporary Foreign Workers on Employment Insurance. We held a presentation on workplace insurance, what it is, how to apply, and held tutorials on how to collect insurance and navigate their right to health care while in Canada.

This week we were fortunate to have 14 attendees, but hope to see even more turn up for our next workshop on Pesticides- July 17th at our head office (440 Malkin Ave).



Another important part of our work at the MWDA, is dealing with individual cases on a one-on-one basis as they arise. This week we had two health-related incidences to report and manage.

The first incident involved a man with a non-work related illness. He had sought medical attention previously for noncancerous tumors located on his face. The benign tumors were mostly located near the man’s eye socket. This delicate procedure thankfully went well and the worker will be in recovery for the next 2 months.  We assisted in filling out the paper work for his insurance claim, and thankfully his medical expenses will be covered by private insurance.

The second incident we dealt with this week involved a man who was injured while working on a farm in Alberta.

He was injured while on the job after falling off of the equipment he was manning, resulting in a broken leg. Because the injured man wasn’t able to speak English, one of our representatives was able to help direct him over the phone through the process of finding a coworker who could translate, arranging transportation to the nearest hospital, and providing translation assistance over the phone with the doctor.

We are currently trying to help the injured man navigate the insurance filing process. However, as is all too often the case with TFWs and workplace injuries, the worker is reluctant to report the incident or request workers’ compensation, which he is entitled to. This is due largely to the fear of losing his job for “causing trouble,” or consequently having his legal working status terminated in Canada and potentially facing removal from the country.

As of now the man has received medical attention and is in recovery. We will continue to post updates regarding his rehabilitation and insurance process.




This Saturday, July 9th we will be holding our annual Father’s Day Fiesta to honor the many fathers in the Temporary Foreign Worker community. Unfortunately, most of these men were unable to spend time with their children this past Fathers’ Day, but we hope that an evening of traditional Mexican food, games (like Mexican bingo), and dance will at least give the TFWs a chance to have some fun after a busy work week!

Where: The Surrey Alliance Church

13474 96th Avenue

When: Saturday July 9th 6pm-12am

All of the workers who will be attending have been asked to meet at the King George Sky Train Station where they will be met by one of our volunteers who can happily escort them to the venue from there.

Although this event is primarily for the workers, the public is also more welcome to drop by from 9pm onwards to join in for an evening of music and dance!